"WHO AM I" one of the best songs on Pusha-T's long awaited NEW album 
Begins with a catchy hook, "They Say; Be All You Can Be"

.... An appropriate title and hook for Pusha's first solo album.  KING PUSH has proved to be all that he can and will be; whether we like it or not.

After watching the video of Kanye giving a motivational speech rant at Push's MY NAME IS MY NAME album release party, the first thought in my head was:
'Dear Yeezy, We don't deny Pusha's talent at ALL.  What we're not feeling are those braids, persona and musical content.... Signed, The Fans'

For all these reasons, Push has been labeled an underrated talent in Hip Hop.  He doesn't actually come off as the most rational or personable individual.... But then again, I had to analyze him, and Yeezy's message a bit more.

Pusha-T, known for his music in sibling duo-group Clipse, has continued to expand his solo legacy by producing some of the best music in the last 5 years.

Pusha-T & No Malice

Teaming up with Kanye on G.O.O.D Music label, has proved to be a win for him! Yet, some of us still feel, that Push should cut off his braids, and rap less about hustling cocaine.  Sometimes it seems as if Push is stuck in time and a bit obsessed with a drug lifestyle, that he is most likely not living anymore.

The drug phenomenon is not as present as it was in the 80's and 90's.  People are more health, and conscious and many of Pusha's original/core fans are older and more mature now.  We don't find slinging crack as appealing as we did 10 years ago.... Well Most of us don't.....

Push recently wore a leather apron while performing in NYC.... Total fail in my opinion, for someone who is a self professed fashion maven (and recently opened his own boutique, CREME).

Pusha-T & Emily B at CREME opening

But, that hasn't stopped Pusha from sticking to his guns and braids.  I respect that Push's passionate loyalty.  It's inspiring to those who are insecure and are easily influenced by others; even if it is a little stubborn.

Luckily, despite a number of push-backs MY NAME IS MY NAME is finally here and it's a SMOOTH album.  Great production and collaboration.  I have a love-hate relationship with Pharrell and The Dream's music, but they've both done an incredible job on this project.

You can totally listen to the album from beginning to end.  So many quotable lyrics, like Rick Ross on 'Hold On', when he says "F*** coping them foams, when you copping a home?" >>>>>> 

It comes as no surprise that MNIMN is produced by Kanye West, who also has some great vocals on here.  Love the 'KING PUSH' track, the 90's homage to Mase on 'Let Me Love You' featuring Kelly Rowland, 'Suicide' feat. Ab-Liva and 'Sweet Serenade' with Chris Brown.  Dope!

Push has definitely proved himself again with this one!  I knew he was about to do something big when I heard his mixtape WRATH OF CAINE.  Aside from the lyrics, the MNIMN promotion, and production, I love the dancehall influence.  Listening to these two projects together is a must!

So this opens up the conversation.... Is MNIMN the album of the year??? Some feel Drake's Nothing Was The Same should win this title.  I still think J Cole's Born Sinner should be included in the convo.  But what do you think??

Elliott Wilson and B. Dot of Rap Radar held a debate with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, Angela Yee, Charlemagne and DJ Envy (Video Below)

I'm interested in your opinions, vote below:

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