Meeting Of The Minds: 'Fashion Forum' Round-Table -- NYC Trendsetters [ Music Will Play Upon Clicking Link - VIDEO INSIDE ]

We rounded up a bunch of our friends currently setting trends in New York City's fashion capital for a necessary discussion one Sunday in Soho....

The discussion was soooo powerful.  

We got to see how passionate everyone is; not only about fashion, but also the path that led each individual to become hardworking entrepreneurs and visionaries.

The panel included Urban Fashion Senses' host K. Styles, Reemo of Riche Threads Clothing, Dewayne Thomas, Fashion Consultant; Nastassia Morrison, CEO of Eight2Seven Boutique; Naja Walker, Designer for YAEL NYC and Carlovy Musicc.

Every individual had such amazing insight into their struggles, careers and success.  It was truly amazing to watch.
Eight2Seven Boutique Owner, Nastassia Morrison & 
Urban Fashion Sense Creative Director, Imani Clark

Moments like these remind us to remain humble.  

We all have similar struggles. 

Instead of bickering and fighting let's work together and support each other more.

"Feed your heart with love and not hate." - Nastassia Morrison

I appreciate the opportunity to work with everyone and produce this phenomenal event.
Naja, Reemo, Dewayne, Imani, K. Styles, Nastassia and Carlovy Musicc

We're gonna keep this going.


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Kiara "K. Styles" Holt (Host)
Personal Shopper at SAKs Fifth Avenue
Stylist and Freelancer
Host of Urban Fashion Sense

Kareem "Reemo" Hanley
Head Designer and Creative Director at Riche Threads Clothing

Nastassia Morrison
CEO of Eight2Seven Boutique Online

Naja Walker
Designer & Fashion Consultant at YAEL NYC

Carlovy Musicc
Artist and Entertainer
Dewayne Thomas
Fashion Consultant
Produced By: Imani Clark
Creator of Urban Fashion Sense

Colin Lindor

Edited By:  Louis Deacy

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