Chel'le B Women's Vision Board Event Presented by Royal Testimony

 Michelle Blake aka Chel'le B and Guests
Photo Credit: Kiomanie Warren

If you've ever been to a Vision Board event, you know how special and electrifying the moment can be. 

Well the recent event I went to was 5x that for me.

My first vision board experience was about 2 years ago in March on Long Island, amongst close friends....

It was very special, but this recent event hosted by Chel'le B of Royal Testimony was an all female Women's Empowerment event; just days before this New Year of 2018 (I apologize for the late post). It set the tone for me.

From the way I was invited to the event through a deep talk to the embrace of the women and fellow co-workers at Tiffany & Co., it was simply amazing and beautiful.

There were lots of fashion and beauty magazines to cut up and create our visions.  As well as cute prizes for answering quiz questions correctly.

 Imani Clark - Creator of Urban Fashion Sense

 The food and pastry treats were delicious.

The ladies chose some powerful words and inspirtational quotes for their boards.

The turn out was amazing.  It was freezing outside, but we all came to support each other and prepare ourselves for our true destiny.

Congratulations to Michelle on a successful event.  
I look forward to attending the next one!

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