NY To NV: West Coast Getaway, Vegas Birthday - Gemini 2019 Turn Up !

It's been awhile since I last wrote a #travelblog, or actually blogged at all (so this will be long).

#GeminiSeason♊ just past and I took a somewhat impromtu trip to Las Vegas for a good birthday turn up!

About 2 weeks before my birthday this past June 2019, my sister and I began speaking about where we would like to go. Actually no, scratch that.  We began speaking months before, about going to Mykonos, Greece. The inspiration came from watching Lindsey Lohan's Beach Club πŸ˜†. A really good reality series where the cast seemed to be having fun. Upon further research, I learned Gumball 3000 2019 would be leaving from Mykonos to Ibiza during the same dates.  However, upon doing some more research, taking a further look at my budget and a few other factors, we decided not to do Mykonos. Maybe next year.....

Fastforward to 2 weeks before my birthday, we began to brainstorm again and thought we decided on Puerto Rico. We were hoping to stay in an AirBNB like we recently did for my cousin's birthday in April. We rented out a dope Vacation home in the East Hamptons.   However, the available vacation homes in PR were a bit far from where I wanted to be.

Plus, I recently vacationed in Bimini, Bahamas this past Decemeber; and wasn't feeling island vibes at the moment.

There's been lots of buzz about Vegas on social media. Aside from the infamous residancies, social media mentions are lit, with Drai's Nightclub as the current hotspot.

So it was a no brainer. I LOVE the Westcoast. #LetsGoVegas

Sis has been mentioning Vegas for years but I was never interested for two reasons.... I had an old school impression of Vegas being nothing but gambling controlled by the mob, etc. and I always thought it was way too expensive to enjoy yourself, but I was so wrong.

Vegas turned out to be really affordable and REALLY fun.

Being that my birthday is in mid-June and I knew it would be hot, I didn't spend too much money on new outfits. I did, of course, get my nails and feet done. I loved my UV Gel manicure but the tips were a little too long for the trip, and everything I had planned... #clawsπŸ’…. Also, I don't think the nail tech did a great job securing a few of them, because two broke during the trip.  I'll tell you more about that later....

The morning of my birthday; my sister and woke up early, finished packing, and caught my favorite airport shuttle Go Airlink to Newark Airport from 34th St.

O-M-G I'm usually against flying out of Newark but the shuttle ride was SO quick. It felt like we pulled up to Newark in less than 20 minutes, and about 7 hours later we had boarded our Delta flight and landed in Las Vegas, Nevada!!

Whoo hoo!!!! Back on the West Coast. 
They say "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,"  but not this time - here we go!

We booked the newly renovated Palms Casino Resort / Hotel & Spa for our 4-night stay and totally LOVED it.  The Palms had an edge young vibe and great energy.  Everything was so smooth and easy going.  I loved the decor and the 24-hr housekeeping room service. There's also a bunch of delicious restaurants inside the resort (some also 24hrs). I literally ordered Lucky Penny's version of Key Lime Pie about 5x during my stay. I say their version because it's really a custard with graham cracker meringue and chocolate truffle.... sooo good.....

Our first day there we explored the strip a little and spent some time around LINQ. Although we arrived during the middle of the week, most people we came across were ready to turn up and get the party started. We learned very early that we need to reserve tickets to experiences way in advance or we could miss the opportunity to do some things.

For instance, we wanted to take a sightseeing tour on the first night there, however we waited too long to book so we ended up doing that the second night....

The second day, we lounged at The Palms Place pool, drank Daquaris with Calamari and Ceasar salad. We played a few slots and sis won a few dollars.  After an afternoon nap, we dressed up and headed to our SightSeeing Night Tour.

Unfortunately, the tour ended a bit early for us, because the bus broke down half-way-through, in the middle of the street, on our way to Fremont Street. However, we still had a good time! I sat near the Tour Guide Big Bruce - he had my laughing the whole ride. Bruce gave us some great insight about the history of Las Vegas, news on some of the current shows, and allowed us to preview famous chapels.

It was kind of a good thing when the bus broke down, because we planned to watch the NBA Finals game at TopGulf after the tour.

We made it to TopGulf about a half hour before the game ended and the Toronto Raptors won the 2019 Championship which I was really happy about. πŸ†

After having some finger foods, we received our own Bay and played a game. My sister won. Kudos to her! Most people left after the championship game, and we took the opportunity to take some cool pics around the venue, including photos by the Goyard inspired pool.

Then we headed back to our hotel to turn up before sun up. We checked out a rooftop party overlooking Vegas. It was a beautiful nightview; but wasn't really our vibe.

So we went downstairs to KAOS Nightclub, took some more flicks, and danced to some better music.

After a fun evening we retreated to our room to prepare for our early morning.

As previously mentioned, we learned we had to reserve activities in advance.... We previously planned to take an ATV Tour ride in the desert, however, we preferred an afternoon or evening ride.... Yet because we didn't book far enough in advance we had to take the 8AM morning ride.

Wendy Williams recent camping trip in Upstate, NY, inspired me to ride an ATV in Vegas and this was definitely one of my trip highlights!  I love taking rides and exploring unfamiliar territories.

My sister and I both were a little nervous about riding the ATV being that it was our first time however, we made it through the 3-hour tour with little help.  It was really hot and I did break my second nail (as I knew I would), but it was a really fun ride #victorylap.  The tour provided us with a helmet, goggles, a short break, and Subway lunch. #themarathoncontinues 🏁

We were crazy tired after the desert tour and retreated to our hotel for some Zzzz's😴 the rest of the afternoon.

That night, we explored the strip hotels a bit more. We took some cute photos at the Bellagio, opted for the Virtural Reality ride on The Big Apple Coaster at New York-New York Hotel & Casino and rode the Monorail.

On the last day of our trip we relaxed in the Spa....  After a good workout in the hotels' Fitness Center, I showered and lounged in the jacuzzi and hammam for a few hours.

Once we regained our fresh glow and I glued my two nails back on a second time πŸ˜„, and we headed to Encore Beach Club for a pool party hosted by Diplo. The party was crazy. Everyone had drinks and were enjoying themselves dancing or inside the pool. EJ Johnson was there with his entourage throwing money from the balcony. I went crazy when Diplo finally began to DJ.  I loooove me some him. 😻

After turning up to the max that afternoon. We bought some souvenirs and went back to our hotel to rest.

My sister was really tired, so I decided to catch Nelly's free concert at the Fremont Experience. I got dressed up in my It's My Birthday sash and headed Downtown in a Lyft.

Almost everyone I came in contact with, wished me a Happy Birthday 🎈. If I wanted to forget I had the sash on, I surely couldn't. πŸ˜‚

The traffic on the way to Downtown Las Vegas was insane, but I made it just before the end of Nelly's performance. Fremont was buzzin' everyone was having fun enjoying themselves, playing games, and meeting new people. I wish I had more time to explore and interact, but I had to get back to the strip for the RAE SREMMURD party at Drai's; we had tickets for.  After playing a cool beanbag toss game with some guys at the Lyft pick-up spot; I finally got a car and headed back to the strip.

I met my sister at The Flamingo and we entered the club....

Drai's was everything I expected it would be.  HUGE, with a dope set-up yet spacious enough to dance and awesome visuals.

We had alot of fun. SO many people showed love. A girl gave us some shots of Hennesy and a guy invited us into his VIP section so we could turnup and see RAE SREMMURD'S performance better.

I love these two brothers Slim Jxmmi and Swae Lee. They each premiered new music at the club. Most people seemed to be feeling Jimmi's track a little more than Swae's, BUT that didn't stop my fellow Gemini from getting turnt!

Swae Lee's birthday was about a week prior; so we sung Happy Birthday to him with a cake prop and all. The brothers performed No Flex Zone, No Type, Black Beatles, Swang, Throw Sum Mo', Sun Flower and more. It was the perfect way to end a dope trip #sremmlife ...

... So thrilled I finally made it to Vegas. I had an awesome time - looking forward to my next visit. πŸ₯‚πŸ’ #urbanfashionsense

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