Boss Moves Only: #BusinessOwner and #HomeOwner T-shirts Available at FashSense - ETSY Shop

*Applauding* 👏 male and female #BUSINESSOWNERS pushing through this 2020 pandemic.

All the Entrepreneurs, Founders, CEOs and Bosses who are carrying their teams, and those still looking to launch a business despite any adversity or despair.

Speaking of female bosses, have you watched the second season of BLACK MONDAY on SHOWTIME??

I live for the neurotic 80's shipwreck satire. 😂... So happy it came back for a second season - I binged watched all 10 episodes! 

Aside from a hilarious cast, Regina Hall and Don Cheadle's chemistry is so on point!

Regina Hall at Black Monday premiere.

I enjoy watching Hall; who plays Dawn, the HBIC of her own firm and though it seems Tiffany Georgina can't catch a break, I love her entrepreneurial spirt and how she won't give up her dream of Fashion Design and owning a label....

... Which brings me to the #businessowner tees! If you're a BOSS own it! In the spirit of the hustle #BUSINESSOWNER  t-shirts are available at FashSense ETSY Shop

The cotton shirts come in various colors and offer the hashtag in upper or lowercase #businessowner, and a MID or WAIST LEVEL graphic. They're pretty dope!

Available for women and men.

You don't have to own a business to be a BOSS, Home Owners are bosses too! 

If you own a home or are about to close on your new house; let 'em know with the #HOMEOWNER tee!

This t-shirt also comes in various colors / graphics with men and women.

Stay motivated. Keep grinding. 

Get your hustle on at FashSense ETSY 


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