BTS 'DYNAMITE' Song Breaks The Net with 10 Million Views In 20 Minutes // Are Visuals Trumping Sales?

BTS Korean K-Pop group dropped a video for new song 'DYNAMITE' and claimed a YouTube record for 10 million views in 20 minutes!

I know this is an American based blog and I don't normally cover K-Pop music, but I'm an occasional fan and thought this was epic and interesting....

Music streaming has picked up where record sales left off long ago. We're not only experiencing the anticipation of new music from artists; we've returned to anticipating music videos and visuals.

Our favorite artists are using social channels to market new music (videos) and build up fan momentum, alerting fans when their video will drop.

Back in the day you had to be at your favorite record store when the store opened at 10 or 11am but today; it's trendy to drop music in the middle of the night. Drake, Tekashi 6ix9ine, and Kanye are masters at this.

It seems that international artists are also catching on to dropping music late night like BTS did with DYNAMITE.

BTS is a K-Pop fusion of Hip Hop, R&B and EDM so it's a no brainer they would use a Hip Hop tactic to release music.

Many of us are up late surfing the net even more now than before because of the quarantine pandemic. This is actually the perfect time for any artist to drop music.

Cardi B has been on this same wave for awhile, and broke the internet 2 weeks ago, with her newest hit release 'WAP' featuring Megan Thee Stallion.

WAP was so unexpected and exactly what many of the ladies needed this year! A hit that we can bop to and reclaim our independence and sexuality.

The video hit millions of views within hours and is currently trending at #1 on Billboard over Drake's Laugh Now, Cry Later.

But getting back to BTS, I first came across their music a few years ago while searching SoundCloud - I found a 1-hour loop of LOVE YOURSELF and listened to it for months.

It's one of BTS' slower songs and I loved that. It was relaxing when I didn't want to hear anything too upbeat. Although I can't understand all of the words it's still a smooth vibe.

DYNAMITE is also cool little bop. It's reminiscent of Bruno Mars. Somewhat Funk inspired, like his 24K Magic album or FINESSE ft. Cardi B.

The video for DYNAMITE is cool, but I thought the visuals would be a bit more dope.
Aside from the cool infusion tunes, K-Pop visuals are one of the reasons I tune in.

Asians, Japanese and Koreans in particular, tend to have a unique talent in imagination and creativity.
I love their style of dress and animation expression.

Red Velvet, the all female K-Pop group, a fusion of Electro-Pop and R&B are probably my favorite. They make toxic relationships look so effortless lol. In addition to their messages and visuals; I love that they incorporate the right mix of English and Korean language in their music.

The hair, wardrobe styling, and set visuals are always on point. Ice Cream, Russian Roulette, DUMB DUMB, Peek-A-Boo, and their newest song Milky Way all have cool visuals.

This brings us back to our original question; are visuals taking over sales? BTS has sold over 20 million records in the last 7 years. According to Forbes and Statista, the male group sold more albums in 2019 than the top charting American artist; including Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, and Lil Nas X.

20 million albums in 7 years is huge; but 10 million views in 20 minutes is astronomical! Visuals are taking over! Kudos to BTS! ๐Ÿ’Ž They'll be performing at this years' MTV Music Awards on August 30th if you're tuning in. Looking forward to a DYNAMIC performance - I just wish the DYNAMITE video was better. ๐Ÿ™ƒ