Bailey Of Hollywood Hats Spring/Summer 2016 Collection Preview

The Inglis and The Jessup Hats Pictured Above

If you're a hat connoisseur like Bruno Mars or Neyo, you've probably heard of Bailey of Hollywood or "Bailey Hats", but if you haven't; it's never too late to own pieces from the iconic American brand.

Bailey of Hollywood hats were established in 1922, and have been worn by many notable celebrities over the years. 

Well-made and manufactured by Bollman Hat Company; many Bailey hats include seasonal styles and variations for all weather and travel conditions. 

The Birks and The Loring Hats Pictured Above

I had the pleasure of receiving an exclusive preview for the Spring/Summer 2016 Collection....  

See the collection and a few of my favorites below:

 The Ashmore (Taupe Swirl)

 The Sydney (Paprika)

Brooks (Sepia)
  Copley (Black & White Dot/Black & White Stripe)

WoodMason (Charred Natural)
COE (Honey)
Grimmer (Distressed Black)
Cudmore (Whiskey)

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Feel free to inquire on the name or style of any of the hats above via email or the comment section below.