Flashback Friday: Maino Drops KOB Mindblower Collection With FILA At Brooklyn's Alumni NYC

 Photo Credit:  Calligrafist Photography

Forever loyal to the streets; the self-proclaimed King Of Brooklyn; Maino just dropped a dope collection with FILA


As a native Brooklynite, I'm always ready to support anything Maino has going on, so of course there was no hesitation when I received an exclusive press invite to attend the launch for the MAINO x FILA 'Mindblower' Collection at Alumni NYC in Flatbush.  
You know I'm a Fashion Feind! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Loving this FILA, Champion, L.A Gear retro revival!  

It's a nostalgic Flashback in time with a dope modern-day twist, for me!


 Photo Credit: Calligrafist Photography

Founder of Ballin' 4 Peace & H2O Music, Haron 'H2O' Hargrave pulled up to support the KOB Mindblower launch.

Photo Credit: Johnny Nunez

Knowing Maino, there's no party without the ladies.... 

Boo thang Maggie Carrie was in the building as well as Donna from Black Ink and Allie reppin' The Whitening Gals.


Shout out Hippie Treats, Heritage by America, Hollywood Punch, Pamson Pots, Mango Seed and of course Alumni NYC the event sponsors!

Photo Credit:  Calligrafist Photography



Much love and respect to Roseay Branding Management 
for inviting Urban Fashion Sense. ๐Ÿ’ž

Photo Credit: Calligrafist Photography

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