SixFloor Vinyl Offers Listening Sessions for a Classic Collection of Old School Records

There's something therapeutic about listening to vintage vinyl records.  The act of manually placing albums on a record player, adjusting the needle, and relaxing to authentic old school sounds.  Percussion bands, brass instruments, pianos and keyboards flowing in sync with voices full of passion and soul.

SixFloor Vinyl allows you to revisit a time when life was a bit more happy go lucky - less sensitive and more sensual.  It's a studio space in Maryland's (DC Metro Area), that allows you to book record listening sessions for a collection of various vinyl records and musical genres.

From Jazz and Funk Soul to Doo Wop and Rock; choose from chart topping classics by great vocalist, like Harry Belafonte, Ella Fitzgerald, Jackie Gleason and Lena Horne ....

SixFloor Vinyl offers music from the 1950's - 1980's eras. There's also a few children songs, Comedy albums, and Spoken Word records.  

Most are offered for listening sessions, however; there are a few that were never opened.  Some of the records are also up for sale, including; Alex Haley: Tells The Story of His Search For Roots and Body Rock: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack featuring Ashford & Simpson, Roberta Flack and more.

A glass of wine and an old school record might be the best medicine for our current political climate.  A way to escape the chaotic confusion of the 2020 Election and this year as a whole.  Wheww chile.

Take your mind off things for a few hours.  Book your session at  For record inquiries or purchase information, email; SIXFLOORVINYL@GMAIL.COM.  A full collection list can be provided upon request.