Introducing Dance Battle Elite App & CrowdFunding Campaign

I watched Lil' Mama's video for her new song 'UHOH', last week and thought; "What ever happened to America's Best Dance Crew?" - a hit reality series that became a dance phenomena and staple in American culture. 

America's Best Dance Crew birthed shows like 'So You Think You Can Dance' and introduced us to dope groups like the Jabbawockeez who recently made a show stopping return in Da Baby's BOP on Broadway music video.

From Soul Train to BAD, Bring It On to You Got Served; there's nothing like a good dance battle! 

Dance, an exciting element to artistic expression; has become more social than ever before.  With a new dance competition popping up on Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube everyday; wouldn't it be fun to have an app where groups and fans can post battles, network and socialize??

*Enters* Dance Battle Elite, an app where dance enthusiast can post, create and enjoy content!

Lucky for you, Dance Battle Elite or DBE is currently in the crowdfunding phase, so you can be apart of the growth, and even receive equity in the company!

Check out the WeFunder and Indiegogo links to learn more and be apart of the action.  

Stay in the loop! 😉