Who's Really Next In Fashion? Nigel Xavier Showcases His Patchwork Streetwear Collaboration with Rent The Runway // Time Is Now KIDD's Crocheted Varsity Jacket Gives Easter Vibes


Y'all saw that cutie, Nigel Xavier win Next In Fashion...  πŸ‘€ Don't act like you didn't peep! 

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Xavier came through every episode wit' a fly patchwork fit followed by a dope runway look.  

His mellow persona allowed him to remain true to who he is, while keeping his competitors balanced and unassuming.  

Authentically crafting modern streetwear, curated from upcycled πŸ”„ garments, Nigel swept the competition and was crowned the Winner πŸ₯‡ in S2 'Finale' E10. 

His collection is currently available at Rent The Runway....  But hold ' up! 

That was super quick!  Netflix dropped all 10 Episodes on the same day?!!

I gotta run the series πŸ”™ 'cause there's so much I wanna get into!  Like Nigel's floral work on the Wear The Earth πŸŒŽ episode, along with his Crocheted Hoodie and Beanie Cap! 

This is such a statement 'cause what young man you know under 30, rocking crocheted hoodies and making it look fly? Swaggg....

Not many guys - but the ladies still sport crocheted two-pieces.

Similar to NigelAh'zia 'Tink' Dorsey of Time Is Now KIDD, designs crocheted apparel for women and children.

It was love at first sight 😍 when I saw her Heart Varsity Jacket and Beanie Hat to match, in Virginia!  

I had to tell her; "Girl!! This is super cute and Easter right around the corner"!  πŸ₯š πŸ‡