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After 2 Years, I Can Call This Home

After moving to the DC Metro Area two years ago, I've finally moved into my apartment and I'm loving it! The back story; I was offered a position as a Leasing Consultant in February 2020 and decided to move to Washington, D.C. - an idea I've had for some time .... My Great Aunt has lived here for years, and one of my first cousin's has been a Washingtonian for about 3 years now. I made the move from New York, Valentine's Day weekend and agreed to stay in my friend's basement in Southern Maryland until I was eligible to move into an apartment, at the property where I worked. Little did I know; just a month later - the whole world would come to a halt, plans would change, and it would now take two years to accomplish a goal that once seemed so simple. Fast forward to February 2022; I had now been in the DMV for two years.  Although I could've went back home, I decided to stick it out and continue with my vision. Let's be clear, it hasn't be

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